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Polodna: Something to ponder

Polodna: Something to ponder

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Something to ponder

Our brains are wired for magical thinking and logical thinking. Magical thinking allows us to sit down in our favorite easy chair, pick up a novel and be transported over the continents or over the centuries. Magical thinking also allows us to go into a huge cinema-plex and watch a movie that has us flying to the farthest star or diving to the bottom of the deepest ocean.

Logical thinking allows us to get from A to Z on a daily basis. We make hundreds, maybe thousands, of necessary logical choices in a day. When you see a red light, it’s a bad time to apply magical thinking. When you get stuck in one of those maddening checkout lines, it’s a bad time to ask yourself, what would James Bond do??

I think for some of us our logical brains are stretched, or injured, or maybe even broken. How else could you explain The Hallmark Channel?

Not all of us have the same capacity for magical thinking or logical thinking. Some have a greater capacity for the ever demanding choices and decisions that get us through our days. Some of us seek refuge in the sanctuary of magical thinking. Think about it, but not too hard.

John Polodna, Racine


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