Piojda: Trump, Jim Crow and racism

Piojda: Trump, Jim Crow and racism

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There is one positive coming out of the presidency of Donald Trump. He has forced us to examine who we are as a people.

Here in Wisconsin, we have proved that Jim Crow is not dead. Think of the purging of voter rolls. Certain groups of Americans have been targeted.

We have allowed families to be separated, taking and imprisoning the children of desperate refugees. Some people actually cheer this.

Racism has always been an issue, as has white supremacy. White privilege is real and some people are realizing its existence.

Our ideals of democracy are being shattered. It seems it is not important anymore what the people want. What politicians want is more important.

It seems that our society is changing under the presidency of Donald Trump, not in a good way. As a people, we should not allow this to happen.

Jim Piojda, Racine


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