Seventy percent, yes, 70% of Wisconsin voters supported the acceptance of the federal Medicaid expansion funds, but many legislators followed the party line and vote against the wishes of their constituents.

Let’s set what $190 million dollars per year will do for Wisconsin residents:

  • help boost our economy and generate savings to Wisconsin taxpayers.
  • provide health care for thousands more lower income.
  • improve a variety of health and economic outcomes for individuals.

Enrollees could use their coverage to go to the doctor for:

  • preventive care
  • get the prescriptions they need
  • treat chronic health conditions
  • increase the primary care services
  • reduce the high-cost emergency room visits by the uninsured

Furthermore, with insurance to cover health care cost, Wisconsinites will have more money in their pockets to spend on other goods and services. And with more people insured, uncompensated care costs would fall, thus saving hospitals, governments, employers and taxpayers money.

Why would we turn our back on something that would create such positive economic health outcomes? To us, this is the definition of penny wise, pound foolish. We urge all readers to contact their local state legislators and tell them that expanding Medicaid is a win-win for Wisconsin and should be in the 2019-2021 State of Wisconsin budget.

Paul and Phyllis Pham, Mount Pleasant

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