Petersen: More info needed before 5G comes to Racine

Petersen: More info needed before 5G comes to Racine

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I am greatly disappointed by the announcement that 5G is coming to Racine. There is so much more to learn about the effects of 5G radiation before turning it loose on our population.

The effects of electromagnetic waves have been studied and they clearly show damage to cells, DNA and many other alarming consequences.

I'm not asking anybody to believe me. I'm asking everyone to look into this subject more fully. I know that there have been protests across Europe regarding 5G. Many leaders and environmentalists say these speedy installations make people guinea pigs. I'm not comfortable with the level of knowledge we have regarding 5G. It's not a race. We don't have anything to win and much to lose. Please investigate for yourself.

Sheri Petersen



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