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I'm dismayed by the current working of our government. It is wrong for our president to bring government services to a halt, in order to get his way. Bullying behavior is going on in Washington and it is time for courageous people to stand up and say "this is unacceptable, we aren't going to take it anymore."

Recently, a news clip showed the president stating that "this was a very small amount of money." If that $5 billion was split between the states, Wisconsin could use its $100 million share to provide support to low-income senior citizens or children living in poverty, fix bridge infrastructure, to support entrepreneurship or improve the quality of life. Maybe that’s not a lot of money for President Trump, but that’s a lot of money to most of us.

I'm not saying "spend the money..." because government spending and borrowing and the long-term fiscal health of our country is increasingly concerning. But what is the wisdom of using America's resources for the purpose of building a wall?

I urge you to write our representatives in Washington, to oppose President Trump's funding demand for a U.S.-Mexico border wall and to restore government services. They represent us and they should vote in the way which represents us best, no matter what political party they belong to.

Stand up and say “we have had enough!”

Mike Palecek, Mount Pleasant

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