Palecek: Knowledge gems at the Racine Public Library

Palecek: Knowledge gems at the Racine Public Library

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While researching for material on Norwegian immigration to Wisconsin, I interviewed a 95-year-old in Iola, in central Wisconsin. His wife gave me some ideas for further reading. After an internet search to define what I was looking for, I found that the content wasn't easily available on the web.

Searching the Racine Public Library catalog, I was surprised to find six different books written by the author I was looking for. Because these books are fairly esoteric, I was delighted that the Racine Public Library curators had the foresight to maintain them in their collection. Being interested in the study of history from the perspective of "how normal people live their lives," vs. a recitation of dates and names of famous people, reading these Racine Public Library holdings gave me some new insight into my future task.

In these days where so much information is at our fingertips via our cellphones, it is still true that some information is only available at a library.

Tusen takk (a thousand thanks, in Norwegian) to the Racine Public Library for maintaining historian Malcolm Rosholt’s books in its collection.

Mike Palecek, Racine


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