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On Saturday, April 13, at the Horlick Field parking lot, I got food for a friend in need. The first 200 people got numbers. Kingdom Builders Fellowship Center runs this event. They didn't ask anyone to prove their income or need, they just trusted people.

Kingdom Builder volunteers call 25 numbers at a time. It is very well organized. They spend a few minutes talking about their programs. You then get a shopping basket filled with food and a box of meat.

Debra Brown said they want to help even more than 200 people with food every Saturday. They need $5 from 5,000 people to buy a big walk-in refrigerator to store perishables ($25,000 total). A walk-in refrigerator would let them get and then give away more perishables to those in the Racine area with hunger needs.

What a great way to invest in something good happening in our community! Send a check today for $5 (or more) to: Kingdom Builders Refrigerator Fund, 2707 Rapids Drive, Racine WI 53404 or go online for credit card donations:

My friend cried tears of joy when I delivered the Kingdom Builders food. This nonprofit is truly making a difference. You can too with your "fivers" to help them help others.

Mike Palecek, Mount Pleasant

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