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Olsen: Progressive democracy

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On Jan. 20, Joe Biden was sworn in and declared “democracy has prevailed.”

Mr. Biden, is that the democracy our founding fathers originated, or the progressive democracy your party now embraces? The latter is nothing like the original.

The original is what made the democracy of America the very best form of government ever. The latter is what will ultimately destroy this great country.

Progressive democracy will rewrite history, so enslavement replaces freedom as its benchmark. They will change the constitution, so it lines up with their ideology. They will revamp our education system, so that personal identity is replaced by group identity. They will continue to support victimization, so unity will never be achieved. They will demonize all Christian and conservative values, so corruption and immorality become the social norms.

They will regulate freedom of speech and assembly, so those God-given, constitutionally protected rights will be restricted to accommodate their wishes.

They will call every truth a lie and every lie a truth, so many people will be unable to distinguish fact from fiction. They will make sure a permanent, one-party government is established and protected, so the other party will never ever have a chance at gaining control and power again.

Democrats have promised to fundamentally transform America. They covertly use tailor-made propaganda to camouflage the socialism that is being ushered in.

Progressive democracy is the politically-correct term they often use to describe socialism. I seriously doubt their intended changes would ever be approved by our founding fathers.

Scott Olsen, Sturtevant


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