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Olsen: Green New Deal

Olsen: Green New Deal

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What is the Green New Deal? Its basic tenets include: Medicare-for-All; universal preschool and child care; canceling most college debt, while funding tuition-free public higher education; raise minimum wage to $15; transform our current energy system to 100% renewable energy creating 20 million jobs; provide $200 billion to the Green Climate Fund; invest money and ensure justice for minorities and women; and hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for what they have done.

The annual cost to run this program is estimated to be $9.3 trillion. Our government currently receives less than $4 trillion annually in all tax revenue. So, where will the other $5.3 trillion come from? If you’re thinking the top 1%, think again. The wealthy know how to protect their money. Those who will have their pockets emptied are the middle class.

GND may create 20 million jobs, but they fail to mention the 30 million jobs this program will likely eliminate. They also fail to tell us the biggest polluters in the world (communist countries) have no intentions of participating in this program. Without their participation, anything the United States does or spends will be utterly in vain.

Did you enjoy the stay-at-home, inability to travel imposed by COVID-19? Well, that was just a preview of our future life without fossil fuel. The Green New Deal will permanently change our lives in ways we never imagined — both financially and socially. Due to its complex implementation and unprecedented high cost, it will ultimately fail and bankrupt America.

Scott Olsen, Sturtevant


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