O'Keefe: JT should take climate change seriously

O'Keefe: JT should take climate change seriously

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According to The Journal Times, its reporters voted Wisconsin’s “wacky weather” as the No. 6 story of the year for 2019. The Journal Times proceeded to write an entire article about this “wacky weather” with its polar vortex and extremes of rain and snow without once mentioning “climate change” or even “climate.”

There was no mention of the fact that climate scientists have been predicting for decades that climate change would result in just these sorts of weather extremes in various regions, including intense precipitation, as well as unusual heat waves and cold snaps.

One of the reasons the Midwest experienced the polar vortex was that the cold air mass that would normally be parked over the polar regions during the winter months was pushed further south by a record arctic heat wave. Wow, talk about your “wacky weather!"

Anyone at The Journal Times who researched, reported, edited or approved the “wacky weather” story should be deeply ashamed. The planet is experiencing a climate emergency and we deserve better from our local newspaper than closeted climate science denial.

Peter O'Keefe



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