It was interesting to read The Journal Times interview with State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos where he described the Republican strategy for thwarting the Democratic governor's line-item veto power.

Maybe now that The Journal Times editors seem to have Representative Vos on speed-dial, they can give him a similar opportunity to sit down and explain the extreme gerrymandering techniques Republicans used to give themselves 66 out of 100 seats in the Senate Legislature with only 46% of the vote?

I'm sure readers would be fascinated by representative Vos's detailed description of the work of sophisticated computer programs and IT consultants (paid for with our tax dollars by the way) that not only allowed Republicans to choose their own voters, but were directly responsible for Mr. Vos's current leadership position.

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Representative Vos's hands-on expertise in the process of "packing" and "cracking" legislative districts for partisan gain has to be at least as newsworthy as the word games Republican legislators use to protect individual items in the state budget. 

Peter O'Keefe


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