Murphy: Well done, Rep. Sanfelippo

Murphy: Well done, Rep. Sanfelippo

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I applaud State Representative Joe Sanfelippo, R-New Berlin, for his efforts to pass legislation which would actually punish those who choose to drive without a license or without insurance.

I have been handling personal injury cases for 40 years and this problem, including the number of Hit and Run cases, is increasing every year. A majority of my cases involve either one or both parties driving without insurance. The reason: there are no meaningful consequences for violating these laws.

These irresponsible individuals need to be taken off the road in order to protect innocent-law abiding drivers from injury or worse. Only having laws with serious consequences for violators will achieve this goal or at least make a difference.

I strongly urge your readers to write your legislator in Madison to support Rep. Sanfelippo in his proposed legislation to protect the public on our roadways. Driving on our highways is a privilege not a right and requires responsibility.

Lincoln Murphy, Racine


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