Mozol: Hopefully Six Mile and Douglas stay open

Mozol: Hopefully Six Mile and Douglas stay open

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I was very happy to see that Douglas Avenue and Six Mile Road are finally open. I, like a lot of others, had to reroute our lives for quite a while.

I just hope that it stays ALL the way open, like we thought Three Mile Road would. Have you traveled west on Three Mile lately? Remember all the celebrations and bows over that reopening? Unfortunately, it didn't stay ALL the way open for long. Now, there is more than one lane shut down for construction. You must cross the double yellow line to go west.

After doing traffic control for many years, I wonder why there is not only an entire westbound lane closed, but also part of the only other lane. I hope someone in charge will go down there and see if all of that is necessary.

Robert Mozol, Racine


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