Are others horrified by what is happening at Pritchard Park? When I moved to Racine, I was thrilled to see a piece of the north woods with untouched trees and prairie, right in the middle of the city. What a great place to see wildlife footprints in the snow and picnic in the cool woods.

First, they put in a pavilion on the northeast side. Then they built a swimming pool (used 90 days a year) and parking lot, destroying that section of natural beauty. All the trees on the southeast corner were cut down, without planting any new ones. Then they clear-cut under all the trees in the woods, completely destroying wildlife habitats. Since then, I’ve seen roadkill and homeless animals: rabbits, raccoons, opossums, squirrels and even two wild turkeys. Hundreds of baby trees were killed, leaving nothing to regrow and replace mature trees. Now more trees and natural beauty will be destroyed to make ballparks (with artificial grass!) and more parking lots, used a few months a year.

How sad that natural beauty, preserved for generations, will be demolished to make a sports complex. If I want mowed grass and a few tall trees, I can go to Humble Park or my own back yard. I’m so sorry to see the destruction of wildlife habitat, woods and natural wilderness, to be replaced by a sports complex that won’t even have real grass. To me it’s a waste of money and destroys something beautiful.

Nancy Moldenhauer


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