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I was asked to speak at the assembly honoring Veterans Day held at Evergreen Academy on Nov. 10. This was for grades two through eight and I was not looking forward to it because of the attitude of the youth I see today and also because I am a Vietnam veteran and we weren’t welcomed home the way vets are today. The experience was very pleasing. The room was filled with kids that were attentive, quiet and respectful.

They started with a color guard from one of the area high schools and then we sang the national anthem. No one took a knee! When the other two vets and I were finished, there was a question-and-answer period. This was not prompted by the teachers. The students were just told not to ask inappropriate questions. The questions showed me that these students are being taught by teachers who really love their job and the students they teach. I have to add that one class crafted a United States flag in honor of the occasion. It was heartwarming.

This school has not been around very long, but has already outgrown its facilities and is building a new building. This is interesting when students are leaving Unified like rats leaving a sinking ship. There are many programs at Evergreen not mentioned in the recent article. The paper tried to make it appear giving students a snack is more important than knowledge. This is not true. If I had children of school age, this is where they would attend.

Russell Milner


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