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End stage renal disease — or kidney failure — is a horrible sickness that requires countless hours of dialysis per week and in many cases makes it impossible for patients to hold jobs. It’s an expensive, time-consuming sickness that impacts hundreds of thousands of Americans, including a good friend and co-worker of mine.

That’s why when a bill comes along to help these people while also saving taxpayers' money, it’s puzzling that it isn’t quickly passed into law. The Dialysis Patients Demonstration Act, which would create a program to allow patients with kidney failure to get all their care through their dialysis provider, would save patients money and time and reduce Medicare costs. Because of all these benefits, the bill has nearly 200 co-sponsors evenly split between both parties, including four Republicans and two Democrats from here in Wisconsin.

The Dialysis Patients Demonstration Act is a win-win for patients and taxpayers. With bipartisan support it is a no-brainer for Congress to pass immediately.

Nancy Milholland

Mount Pleasant

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