I was pleased to see that the JT Editorial Board addressed the need for tighter gun control laws in the Aug. 25 "Our Perspective" column. However, in my opinion, the Editorial Board missed a huge opportunity to localize the topic so that Racine readers could relate to the gridlock causing long awaited legislation.

The editorial correctly called out President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for their inaction on this crisis despite overwhelming support from gun owners and non-owners alike. It was remissful, however, in not calling out our own Wisconsin legislatures, Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald. They too have been dodging taking any meaningful action to pass legislation — putting out a lot of press statements that simply offer a band-aid for a problem that requires substantial results.

As reported in early August, "Wisconsin Republicans show no sign of tackling gun violence after massacres in Texas and Ohio." Vos was quoted as saying "We will not entertain proposals to take away second amendment rights or due process. Instead officials should address mental illness." Doublespeak for let's do nothing.

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More than 89% of Wisconsin voters support extending background checks and more than half favor banning so-called assault-style weapons (Marquette University Law School poll.) Mr. Vos, I disagree. Officials should represent the Wisconsin voters who put them into office!

Republican leaders at both the state and national levels are simply regurgitating NRA talking points and doing nothing to actually address this critical issue.

Dennis McGoldrick, Wind Point

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