Everyone who believes that national chain stores should pay their fair share of property taxes should be not just dismayed, but angry, about Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos’ refusal to even consider a vote on a bipartisan proposal to end the “dark store exemption.”

How does this affect you? If the big box stores and the national chains refuse to pay their fair share, Kenosha County and Racine County have to make it up somewhere. Guess where? Your residential and small-business property taxes. Are you OK with subsidizing all the big box stores on Green Bay Road? I’m not.

In the May 17 Kenosha News, Somers Village President George Stoner was quoted as saying, “This dark store thing is totally destroying communities. We’re very, very upset with the leading Republicans, and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

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Yes there is, George. It’s called an election. Speaker Vos (R-63rd District) and his employee, State Rep. Samantha Kerkman (R-61st District) should both be held accountable for ignoring the will of the people. Just last November, over 78 percent of Wisconsin voters, 79 percent in Kenosha County, approved an advisory referendum designed to end this ridiculous loophole.

For those of you who keep returning Rep. Vos and Rep. Kerkman to office, are you really OK with an increase in property taxes to aid big businesses that are already making money hand over fist? Want to reduce your taxes? In 2020, take your state back, vote these people out of office.

Steve Marovich, Kenosha

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