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On July 23, the U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of H.R. 1689, the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2017, which was introduced by Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin. The bill prohibits state and local governments from asserting its eminent domain authority for economic development when federal economic development funds are used.There were approximately 380 members who were present and voted on the House floor that day. Every single one of them agreed it is wrong to use eminent domain to take private property for economic development.

On June 17, our very own state representative, Robin Vos, was quoted in The Journal Times saying he is opposed to the Village of Mount Pleasant using eminent domain to take private property for purposes of giving it to Foxconn. The next day, Jonathan Delagrave, in a county listening session, agreed it would be wrong.

Still, Mount Pleasant continues to threaten to take homes using eminent domain so it can literally hand the property over to Foxconn for economic development.

Is the Mount Pleasant Village Board so arrogant that it will ignore the opinions of 380 members of Congress, our state representative and county executive and continue to blindly follow the advice of counsel which clearly violates the private property rights of its own residents, at the expense of all residents of Mount Pleasant, and to the benefit of Attorney Marcuvitz and his firm?

Kimberly Mahoney

Mount Pleasant

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