Try 3 months for $3

Paul Ryan declared that he officially quit representing us on Dec. 8 according to his answering machine message (1-888-909-7926). They say they are busy with the transition and thank us for 20 years of support.

The message says for immediate assistance, call Sen. Baldwin or Sen. Johnson.

Trying to email him sent me into an endless loop. I wanted to tell Ryan to fund the wall by any means necessary. Officially he is still the House leader until Jan. 3 and is key to the wall funding push but he is AWOL.

Any real professional will finish out his duties. Decades ago, my business attorney called me into his office when he was dying of brain cancer to hand me my files and apologized for misplacing my file, which had a few thousand dollars check that he had collected on a debt I asked him to pursue years prior. I had forgotten all about it but while getting his affairs in order, he and his assistant found it and he felt obligated to return it to me in person.

Ryan needs lessons on professionalism. Finish your job of representing us, you are not even faking it. Any wonder why we lost the U.S. House?

Rodney Lueke


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