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Saudi devastation of Yemen

Recent, under-represented reports of a Saudi-led war, economic devastation, and famine in Yemen that has starved thousands of toddlers to death, and further threatens the lives of over 14 million men, women and children, should give us pause as Americans.

The intentional inflation, destruction of transport routes, and water supply utilities has resulted in inaccessibly high food costs and unimaginable living conditions. Meanwhile, our federal government negotiates arms deals for weapons to the Saudi monarchy that will be used to further this devastation and to suppress native Saudi-Arabians from achieving freedom from economic and cultural oppression, and basic human dignity.

If never before, the veil has been lifted. I implore you to ask yourselves how this type of international support for murder of innocent lives can be an expression of American values? To paraphrase scripture, in America’s relatively new experiment as a liberal democracy, the citizenry is “Caesar.” As such, “leaving unto Caesar” means we collectively make the decisions. Remind your representatives that American values are based on human dignity and self-determination, and demand that the humane treatment of human beings be a priority in all foreign policy decisions- supposed job-creating, international weapons deals included.

Ben Lehner, Racine

Milwaukee Dancing Grannies

For the past nine years, as a member of “The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies,” I have been a participant in Racine’s Holiday parade.

We have always received a very warm welcome from parade-goers in your city. It’s become our favorite parade of the holiday season.

This year, we were again invited to participate, but we were told we would not be paid our usual fee as we had in the past.

We charge a nominal fee for every parade we do. As a performing group that travels all over the area, we have all the usual expenses. We have to pay for gas, costumes, music, etc. as well as charitable donations we make. We cannot afford to do parades without being compensated.

We’re sorry to disappoint all our “grannie” fans this year. We’re all disappointed too. Maybe we will see you all next year.

Happy holidays.

Connie Draver, Caledonia

Racine, City of Darkness

We live on very busy Spring Street. It has been around six months now that the street light in the 2900 block of Spring has been out. Been trying to work with our alderwoman to get repaired to no avail.

In her emails to us, there is a run-around that seems to be between We Energies and the city. Keep in mind, this is one street light. Early in the summer (June), we tried to contact the city to make them aware, and to repair. That was not too long after a fatal accident in the area. This whole process has turned out to be a major fiasco. Not blaming my alderwoman, she has appeared to try to resolve, and we think she’s in the same boat as us. We noticed that in the new city budget proposal, a mention of something to do with street lights. Apparently, this is a real issue in Racine.

I’m asking anyone that has experienced this problem, contact your alderperson, mayor, or anyone else you think can help. With the long winter nights, it worries us about the safety of our community, and the impression on those traveling through our city of darkness.

James Nielsen, Racine


Immigration and the Trump family

In 1885, Trump’s grandfather Freidrich Trump, at age 16, came to the United States from Bavaria to avoid the military service in Bavaria he would have to perform.

In the United States, he became wealthy from running hotels and brothels in the Seattle and Monte Cristo area in the state of Washington during the gold rush.

But when he returned to Bavaria, he had lost his citizenship there, due to his draft dodging. He even went so far as to send a letter to Prince Luitpold begging the prince to let him stay. Didn’t work. Freidrich and family came back to the United States where he became a U.S. citizen in 1892.

So for seven years he was in the United States as an illegal immigrant.

I do not understand, given Trump’s family history with this grandfather being an illegal immigrant for some time, why Trump has such an enormous problem with immigrants.

His own present wife and her parents became citizens through chain migration, which is something he now wants to get rid of.

Trump should be sent to a corner and have to read “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus, then write an essay on what he thinks that means.

We are a country of immigrants.

What amazes me the very most is the Republicans go along with everything Trump says or does, there must be something in it for them.

Yes, the Republican ship has a real acorn at the helm.

Donna Sorenson, Sturtevant

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