Lehman: Rogan's reporting on Kleefisch

Lehman: Rogan's reporting on Kleefisch

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Thanks to reporter Adam Rogan for his inside view of Rebecca Kleefisch and her fellow travelers in “Republican women will be the 2020 key.”

Kleefisch’s admitting that she probably wouldn’t have been Lieutenant Governor without substantial out-of-state help was unusually frank … and true of many on her side. Their heavy use of out-of-state wealth is not usually admitted to reporters.

But what really struck me in Rogan’s reporting was Kleefisch’s arrogant insinuation that her side was the Christians fighting the anti-Christians. Brian Hagedorn, her right-wing favorite, was not opposed by Lisa Neubauer in the Supreme Court race because he was a Christian. He was opposed because he was the lesser qualified candidate.

Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s not, but Trump and the Republicans very often these days claim God is on their side. On the contrary, their misogyny, their racism, their self-protecting greed and their thinking that health care for all is “creepy” (Kleefisch’s word) belie their fallen nature.

John Lehman, Racine


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