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Lehman: Power and corruption

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The 19th Century British historian Lord Acton must have known that Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos was coming. His ”power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” surely fits Rep. Vos.

We’ve recently seen that corrupt power in action as Vos single-handedly (without a legislative vote) blows $676,000 to support the Trump-lover lie about a “stolen” 2020 election. To make matters worse Vos then signs Gableman’s subpoenas, some issued to Democratic-area officials who have nothing to do with elections. “[I] do not have…any understanding of how elections work.” Gableman has twice admitted. That’s Vos’ guy. Both much more interested in playing a game they think will keep Republicans in power than in serving truth, fairness and our fragile democracy. God help us from such schemers.

If Vos was anything other than a power grabber he would have the courage to listen to the one GOP legislator who has actually overseen many elections, Sen. Kathy Bernier (R), Chippewa County Clerk 1999-2011. But, no, Vos doesn’t care about truth or what is best for democracy; he’s just Lord Acton’s corrupt little fellow fearing his own loss of power at the hands of the many right-wing nuts — cats he’s trying to herd in his Republican Assembly caucus.

John Lehman, Racine


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