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Tom Brokaw’s comment about Hispanic’s assimilating into American culture was spot on. If I were to legally immigrate to another country, I would learn the language, social norms and local customs so that I could be successful in my new home.

When will people stop hateful labeling of others by the clothes they wear or by the hat on their head? I wear a MAGA hat, because I believe in what our President is trying to achieve. Listen to his inaugural speech to understand what he is trying to accomplish for all Americans; to make America strong around the world. Is this wrong?

President Trump is trying to get Congress and the Senate to do their job to get Immigration laws changed or to follow current immigration laws. He wants to put an end to illegal immigration. Is this wrong? If you think that is wrong, you have no idea the harm illegal immigration creates for governments, families and individuals; not to mention taxpayers.

Citizens of America should be labeled Americans and not African, Italian, Jewish, German, Japanese, Mexican or even Blue Americans. We are all “Americans” in President Trump’s eye. Others try to divide America along racial lines. Do not fall for this lie. There are good and bad among all races. Check out the movie “The Green Book.” Everyone in America should see it once and the ones using hateful labels should see it twice.

John Landwehr


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