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Regarding a Letter from Readers on May 2. Two words in the dressing down appear too harsh. The words are: “obsequious, dishonest.” The “obsequious” gets lost when separated from “dishonest.” Folks will pass on the “obsequious” and remember “dishonest,” as its’ easily recognized. But to help the writer with a few words, he could use for obsequious … servile, sycophantic toadying, groveling or smarmy. One of them may serve his purpose. That is his call.

In the number of years as a subscriber, there have been many times a Letter From Readers has entered my mind after reading the thoughts of editor with the liberal favor (flavor?) at the Racine Journal Times. But this time, a kudo for RJT with the numerous articles we have seen about Foxconn and associated businesses being tied to their coattails.

I note the coverage of events and statements about Foxconn. It seems to me that you are at least doing what readers want. That is to know what is going on out there, good or bad. Racine has glory days ahead of them and your enthusiasm to see that is commendable. Before Foxconn, I was about to resign myself to taking the RJT because we need to know who died, who went to jail, who is getting married and the weather forecast.

You already know it, us conservative folks get “warmed” up with some of your reporting as well, but not to the extent of some. To call you dishonest and obsequious is a stretch too far.

Enjoy the day and those around you.

Walter Krajewski, Mount Pleasant

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