Trudy Rubin's commentary "A free press..." on July 23 is a perfect example of why the press is no longer believed or trusted. She bashes the president for holding a summit of digital leaders earlier this month and describes the attendees as white nationalists who spew racist and anti-Muslim messages.

She conveniently overlooks the black attendees at the event and she doesn't bother to mention that Facebook, Twitter and Google were invited but declined to attend.

She states that President Trump "at every opportunity, hammers mainstream media..." and (he) describes "certain journalists as fake and enemies of the people."

What has the media done to President Trump for the past two and a half years? Non-stop whining and lying about the president. Now he gathers "digital leaders" to discuss censorship and outright blocking of conservative thought throughout the digital world and this is looked at as racist by the media elite.

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I can't tell you what a breath of fresh air it is to finally have someone, namely President Trump, stand up to a media that lies, is deceitful and in full collusion with the anti-American democrat party in this country.

I do agree with Ms. Rubin's statement that we do need to protect a free press. How better to do it than to expose the lies and hypocrisy of those that purport to report the facts!

Tom Koenecke


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