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President Trump wallows in the swampy world of pessimism, fear, lies and manufactured narratives that have no relationship to the truth. He, along with the swampy people that surround him, is ignorant of American History, and of previous presidents who brought us out of the depths of war, depression, and natural disasters with a sense of hope and optimism. In other words, presidents like Washington, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Barack Obama were optimists who saw a better future for our country, and summoned the better angels of our nature to move ahead in a positive manner.

Trump is bludgeoning our country with a verbal club that is incoherent, racist, demeaning, and that is destroying our democratic values and institutions. He is the ultimate pessimist and narcissist who looks in the mirror of the world and sees only himself. This is what authoritarian leaders do, and he finds more comfort with them than he does with our positive past presidents. Let all of us work to make Trump a one-term president before he does further damage to our country.

While in the Illinois State Legislature in the 1830s, Abraham Lincoln stated that “men of ‘towering’ egos, in whom ambition is divorced from the people’s best interest, were not men to lead a democracy; they were despots.”

Joe Kiemen, Racine

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