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On viewing the YouTube plans for the SC Johnson Sports Complex at Pritchard Park, it was disappointing to note the amount of walking trails and wildlife habitat that will be lost to parking lots. It appears that the parking areas will run parallel to Roosevelt Avenue all the way from Highway 11 (Durand Avenue) to the manufacturing plants by 21st Street.

These lots range from two to four rows of perpendicular/angle parked cars plus impervious roadways. Thankfully, Root-Pike WIN is planning how to handle all the water run-off through wetlands purification, but could some of this run-off be eliminated?

Could other options be considered to preserve some of the prairie and bush habitat for the wildlife and us? For example, would it be possible to provide angle parking along Roosevelt Avenue to accommodate some of the parking needs?

Also, on the 25 or so days a year, could Roosevelt Avenue from Highway 11 to the start of the manufacturing plants at 21st Street be set up as a one way street to allow angle parking on both sides? And/or could off-site parking on the Regency Mall lot, etc. be used with transportation provided to the fields?

Pritchard Park is a valued green space in our community that has always provided hikers, students and everyone with opportunities to explore, enjoy and learn from nature. Once these native green spaces are lost, will we ever be able to regain them?

Marilyn Kiemen


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