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CFO Duff ... is concerned about the budget short fall. A shortfall of $8 million he states.

Amazing how that $8 million deficit is the exact amount that Unified put on a referendum a few years ago stating if passed they would not ask for more money from the taxpayers of Racine.

Yes Unified gets less money from the state because they have less and less students year after year. This is because more and more parents see no value for their children by keeping them in Unified and instead these parents use the voucher system to pull their students out of a failing school system and get them in a system that is better for their kids.

Racine teachers should applaud this. After all, aren't they the ones that keep telling us it's all about the kids?

RUSD, cut your staff. You have less students thus less staff is needed. That should help close the deficit gap.

Angelo Karamitos, Racine

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