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On "Firing Line," Jan. 3 show, Caitlin Jenner was interviewed by Margaret Hoover on Caitlin's coming out and Caitlin's views and advocacy.

Caitlin mentioned something that helps to break a big myth — there are transwomen who are Republican and I'm glad Caitlin explained what it is like to go through the myth people have that if you are transgender then you are always a Democrat. However, Margaret Hoover showed a clip from "Firing Line with William F. Buckley" who interviewed an openly gay who is republican and conservative.

There are transgender men and woman who are GOP and conservative, and advocate freedom for all, but, from a different perspective. However, the conservative approach does not support bigotry, abuse, and hurt in either form. It is about an approach where one has the right to be left alone.

My point is that although some big honchos like to talk at each other in D.C.; as a community we need to talk, not Democrat to Democrat or Republican to Republican, but, as a full community apolitically and in the quiet revolution (no photo ops, no PR) just meeting, maybe talking over a cup of coffee at Wendy's, McDonald's, or Barnes and Noble.

Racine is making progress as well as Kenosha, but, there were times I observed backsliding in applying old myths; this is the 21st century, we are share common beliefs and values for our community.

Diana Kanecki, Racine

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