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Justvig: Blatantly unfair

Justvig: Blatantly unfair

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I have refrained from writing this letter for months as I'm not a confrontational person. But, my conscience has nagged me into action.

I have found it blatantly unfair how the media — network, social and newspapers — always preface and unsubstantiate any comments made by conservatives or earlier by President Trump. News is not supposed to insert qualifications or opinions except on the editorial page. We the people have the ability to read/hear all sides, unbiased and make our own decisions.

As for bringing unity (not uniformity) to our country, it most certainly is not going to come about by unconstitutionally trying to impeach a former president again on unfounded charges. Up until very recently, we have been a country allowing free speech and thought. I'm seriously concerned for these constitutional freedoms. It isn't criminal to have a conservative opinion and half the population deserves to have their side of the issues heard. It's insulting to be dismissed and accused of nefarious intentions because we love our country.

I pray for my leaders and country daily. I'm not concerned for myself but for the future of our children and grandchildren. Love God, love people is the only answer.

Clora Justvig, Racine


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