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The incident involving Heidi Williams at Jefferson Lighthouse exposes a safety concern in all of Unified that they don’t want out. When an administrator feels the need to carry a weapon for self protection on top of requesting to be escorted out, were does that leave our children? Why has it come to this? Because parents are not parenting!

They are working, partying, being a friend, but they are not teaching their children. And we as a society, are allowing this because we tell kids that is child abuse. There was a time when you were afraid to have school call your parents, a time when discipline was done in school, and at home.

Not anymore. We have let the lawyers and activists take parental and educational rights away and we ask ourselves what has gone wrong, why don’t the kids listen and why isn’t there respect for the rules? We have allowed the nuts to run the asylum. The only person that is going to be hurt by Williams’ incident is Williams, all because we do not provide a safe environment to work or learn in!

Robert Jorgensen



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