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Now a word from deacon Vos of the Tabernacle of Everlasting Hypocrisy:

"As responsible legislators, Republicans feel it's our duty to nullify voters' errors when, despite our best efforts, they become temporarily confused.

In the recent election the legislature stayed in dependable hands (ours). We got 46 percent, Democrats 54 percent. Thank you for the mandate. But Democrats won every state-wide office. That is not as God intended it so we've had to make adjustments you would expect of us Republicans. We were happy to give Scott Walker near dictatorial powers. But a strong executive in Democratic hands threatens national security and invites terrorism. The DNR might actually do its job; Tony Evers is capable of much worse.

Rigging the system to keep a large majority of legislative seats with a minority of the people's votes, and suppressing voter turnout to achieve desired results (me warming the seat of power) was our patriotic duty. If we have to destroy democracy to save it (and ourselves), it's a price worth paying. Your tax dollars are needed to bribe foreign companies and blackmailing corporations. We can't risk objections or interference by Democrats if Wisconsin is to continue moving forward into the 19th Century.

Democrats want to abolish the "tools" we provided that degrade education, roads and health care. Patriots understand these imperative reforms. Anyone else's credentials will be re-evaluated.

Remember: the universe is a Republican district. We believe in democracy — when it does as it's told. Our thoughts and prayers etc."

Todd Johnson, Racine

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