A one-man band playing out of tune needs lots of praise. So he hires lots of praise. Call them the Trumpets.  "I'm a very stable genius, aren't I Kelly-Anne?" She concurs, as any underling, lackey would. The others agree — on live TV.

The only greater embarrassment is the indelible one of losing by 3 million votes and defining that as a victory. But there is no other route for the man with the most well deserved inferiority complex in history when he asks his mirror, "Who's the fairest of them all?" and the answer disappoints.

Trump needs lots of baton twirlers to distract us from reality. Mr. Strohm (May 7) obliges, suggesting we conduct politics without "personal attacks" and focus on "policy." Seriously?

Does Trump do that or is snarky insult his only debating tool? Didn't he and Republicans demonize the Clintons, distinguished public servants, for a quarter century? Didn't he smear his superior, President Obama, with "birther" blather?

What policy does Trump have other than welfare for billionaires (himself foremost), trashing our alliances, offering dictators the world stage and knifing the economy with tariffs?

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The stability and progress of the economy were restored by Obama and Biden. Our gigantic debt and third world wage scale are recurrent sins of Republican orthodoxy.

Exhorting Democrats to noble behavior that Republicans can't attain, and wouldn't if they could, is their most deplorable hypocrisy. Civility, expertise and high-mindedness are notes Trump can't play. His apologists are merely tone-deaf.

Todd Johnson



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