• How can one party hold both chambers and one hold the governorship yet both claim the people have spoken so do it our way?
  • If there is no voter fraud, why do both sides keep investigating it?
  • Why did RUSD buy a sportsplex, spend a ton to make it a school, and then spend $6 million to build a sportsplex?
  • Artists’ renderings show a football field and five ball diamonds ... soccer anyone?
  • Why don’t roundabouts have bike paths?
  • Do bicyclists think their hobby has eminent domain over personal privacy?
  • Do you know governments make no money and pay for nothing?
  • Is the loss of women’s rights a gain for fetal rights?
  • How can teachers’ pay schedules be so complicated that even a teacher can’t explain it?
  • RUSD spends $50 million on special education. If you divide that by 3037 students, doesn’t that come to more than $16,463 per student?
  • Did Waukesha really protest Foxconn getting Lake Michigan water?
  • Why is Foxconn spending billions before they know what exactly they will be manufacturing?
  • Does 1½ times the value of anything mean it’s time to sell?
  • If both parties think border security is very important, why don’t we have it?
  • Do both parties have the cost of vouchers wrong?
  • Who’s responsible for all the money spent on failed city/county developments?
  • Why do more than 75 words in Webster’s have "e before i?"
  • Why do I only get 250 words when I have so many questions?

Raymond Johnson, Mount Pleasant


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