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Johnson: Discredited men

Johnson: Discredited men

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Sanctimony and finger-pointing by discredited men: these characterize contemporary conservative doubletalk.

Two prime practitioners, Van Wanggaard and Bryan Steil, embarrassed themselves recently.

Steil (Aug. 8) condescends, granting our right to dissent until we " criminal behavior." Good; he's with us then against Trump's treason.

As Paul Ryan's caddy and perennial frat boy, Steil doesn't grasp is own words' recoil.

Wanggaard (Aug. 19) accused Gov. Evers of not helping Kenosha police (one of whom, a literal loose cannon, ignited Kenosha's riots) and rejecting Trump's "help." Help from Trump, whose policing philosophy plagiarizes Vladimir Putin's?

Trump's brown-shirted concept of the rule of law rioted Jan. 6.

Wanggaard reinforces the lie that "people...from all over the country" arrived "to destroy" Kenosha. Who? From where? Who's indicted for rioting? Only the "patriot" thug Rittenhouse whose story conservatives busily rewrite.

Gov. Evers reacted cautiously and responsibly in word and deed; Wanggaard, like Trump, preferred the Stalinist approach. His "blood boil(ed)." A pity, but he's calm contemplating Trump's Jan. 6 treason; he's complicit in Sen. Johnson's pathetic rewrite of it as regrettable "tourist" exuberance.

Conservatives travel in packs, barking identical notes.

Best for last: "I didn't write this," Wanggaard whines, "to reopen" old wounds. Yes, you did Van! You deliberately did — for political advantage. You accused the rational Evers of "inflammatory" behavior when your rhetoric is the flammable element here.

As Robin Vos's soft toy you're entirely compromised, a recurrent political pratfall. A competitive district would hand you your head.

Todd Johnson, Racine


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