The We've-Got-Nothing-New Party (republicans) are playing their moldiest oldie called "Send Them Back" (flip-side of "Love It or Leave It") because Trump, the most unpopular president ever, desperately wants to demonize four congresswomen, young, smart, capable, minority, female Democrats — six reasons Trump hates them. Normally he needs none.

The fascist rally-rant has one flaw. The women are Americans — better Americans than Trump. This old Republican trick assumes we will let them decide what is "American" so they can have America to themselves. They don't and won't have our permission for that. Private Bonespurs, our Shirker-in-Chief, doesn't get to have an opinion on patriotism, never having experienced it or sacrificed anything under its influence, despite his supposed patent on it.

The "leave it" bullying accepts the lazy complacency of conservatism that can't see how America, whatever its virtues, hasn't reached its ideal or even its potential. It's the vicious Republican rhetorical inheritance from Joe McCarthy. It's the deplorable lie employed in stampeding the country on Vietnam. It's the stale trick conservatives pulled while reveling in "patriotism" at Kent State and My Lai. Conservatism feeds its followers this lie to justify their hating others that got it right.

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Trump's words are only noises he emits to round up and drive his herd. His few coherent utterances would be better used explaining why his cronies are in jail and he's not.

Todd Johnson, Racine

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