Johnson: Confront the beast

Johnson: Confront the beast

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We can have the rule of law, and no man above it or a dictator, a beast presiding over a jungle. Conservatives opt for the jungle, imagining themselves tough and positioned to profit from political anarchy.

Their ideal beast sees nothing greater than himself; others are there to serve him. His "me first" approach ends in arrogant cruelty — he might even steal children from desperate asylum seekers.

Being rapacious, he disrespects women, manipulating some, but fearing the majority of women who are far smarter than him. He must belittle others to exalt himself.

Like all beasts he seeks out his own kind, comfortable only with what he understands — his most brutal, avaricious fellow monsters. He taps into the gullibility of ignorant, grovelling idol-worshipers. He's cunning despite his fundamental stupidity. He knows his weakling confederates and fellow travelers inside out and dupes them into believing he has only their interests at heart.

A beast's spots won't change: if he once concocted a fake university or foundation, bought the silence of porn stars or served foreign interests, don't expect a road to Damascus moment from him.

If such a beast could undercut our institutions and corrupt our elections, we could have a second-most-votes dictator, leaving our constitution a wreck never to be salvaged.

If you see a beast fitting this description, confront him fearlessly. Dignity and integrity are simple antidotes to his blaring cowardice.

Todd Johnson, Racine


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