Some things in life are so disturbing I wish I could erase them from my mind. The deplorable reality of puppy mills and pet stores are one of those things.

Approximately 10,000 puppy mills are in the U.S. Over 100 are in Wisconsin (three in Racine) with 2,000 adult dogs suffering, as breeding machines in tiny, waste-encrusted wire cages (by USDA standards, a cage must be six inches larger than a dog on all sides), where they spend their entire lives, producing a constant supply of puppies until they die or are killed when no longer able to reproduce.

In this living hell, breeder dogs become insane and develop repetitive behaviors. Puppy mills have hundreds of dogs with no trained staff to care for them and little to no veterinary care.

The dogs suffer from every ailment imaginable. It is a fact that 99% of puppies sold in pet stores are from a puppy mill.

Assembly Bill 298 (AB 298), which would prohibit Wisconsin pet stores from selling dogs and cats, has been referred to the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.

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Please contact your representatives and ask them to support AB 298. You can find your representatives at https:/legis.wisconsin.gov/.

The human-canine bond goes back 15,000 to 30,000 years and is unique in the animal kingdom.

Why are puppy mills legal and what did dogs do to deserve this betrayal of their love and loyalty? Please give a voice to those who have none.

Heather Jirgensen


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