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On Oct. 1, The Journal Times ran the first of several ads from Sandy Weidner, designed to look and read like news stories. It was headlined “Weidner Will Veto Arena.” However, on Sept. 13 in a Journal Times story about the second mayoral candidate forum, Weidner is quoted that she is “not personally opposed" to the event center, but favors a referendum. Weidner calls herself a “longtime critic of the proposed Arena” in her ad, quite different than what she is quoted as saying at the forum.

Her ad then includes false criticism of Cory Mason, “Weidner stated, “My opponent has been largely silent about the arena. Given his close connections with the former mayor, he is most likely for it, but does to want to come out and say so…”

In fact, the news article about that mayoral forum reported that Mason “came out in opposition to the plan in a video posted to his campaign Facebook page Friday. He reiterated that position Tuesday, saying he’s against it for both financial and community reasons.”

Confused by Weidner’s words? Dismayed by these apparent falsehoods? You are not alone. We need a strong mayor who will not misrepresent their own and their opponent’s positions and we need a strong mayor who will make bold leadership decisions, and not govern by referendum.

Mark Hertzberg



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