The journey to the promised land

Look at the news clips of the caravans heading north from South America. Well now, aren’t they a bunch of happy campers? Strolling through a couple of countries to reach freedom with a capital free! Could it be fake news is only capturing the first few steps in the long journey?

A walk from Honduras to the United States is roughly 2,558 miles, a bit too far for a walk in one pair of shoes, Jesus slippers or barefoot. There must be a South American travel agency that offers different travel packages to the illegals, depending what the traveler’s family can afford. The cheapest package chooses a starting point, tells you to pack a lunch and hands you a map with directions to the USA. Package two might start at the nearest Walmart. It includes a new back pack, a few deli sandwiches, and a stroller if you have children under walking age. You might have to pay for extras: water, toilet paper or a change of underwear.

More expensive packages include transportation arrangements. You can take your chances and have an empty school bus stop and offer you and part of your group a free ride for a few miles down the road. You have a choice on deciding between riding in an open cattle truck or a stuffy enclosed semi-trailer. I personally don’t recommend riding on top of a freight car if you are a sleep walker.

The Promised Land is only one step over the border.

David Beranis


Thoughts on the abortion debate

There is a fight going on over the humanity of babies in the womb and the bodily sovereignty of women.

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The strongest argument that the humanity of the child doesn’t matter comes from the philosopher Judith Thompson. Her basic argument is that if doctors hooked an unwilling woman and a sick person to some device that caused that person to have life support from the woman, the unwilling woman would have the self-defense right to stop the assault. The same with abortion.

My rebuttal:

First, this example can only apply to cases of rape. In all other cases the woman is a willing participant in putting said person on life support. Instead of self-defense, this becomes euthanizing somebody who will recover.

Secondly, it is the doctor (rapist) alone who is the criminal. The person being hooked up has no say in the matter. There are two victims, with one insisting the right to execute the other.

The only way to justify abortion on demand is to entirely eliminate any question of the humanity of the fetus.

This will allow the state to declare persons who can at some point live independently of the mother non-persons, kill-able, babies.

Nelson Mandela said, “The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children.” Sorry sir.

Karl Heinitz

Mount Pleasant

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