One thing that all can agree upon is that we want the cleanest water, air,and land to live upon. Idiocy ensues when methods and time tables are mentioned.

I have an idea that will please and displease both sides. That's called compromise. We did that long ago, before the manifestation of the Dark One.

It's called plasma Plasma Gasification, It's throwing garbage into what's basically an giant arc welder where it's burned up at 25,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The garbage is rendered into glasses, and ceramics which can be used as building material. Also, metal slag which is recycled, and high energy synthesis gas, carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

The synthesis gas turns turbines that keep the whole thing running as long as garbage is fed to create synthesis gas. It also generates a lot of extra power.

Down side for capitalists: High start up and maintenance costs.

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Up side: waste other cities are desperate to get rid of is fuel for power plant. Recyclables

Down side for left: Hulking industrial plant with fuel bunkers full of every kind of waste product.

Up side: Plasma Gasification smashes apart molecules destroying the worst toxic waste forever.

We are the smartest species. We should go forward through our problems. Not insist on deconstructing civilization.

Karl Heinitz, Mount Pleasant

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