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There is an important bill, Assembly Bill 849, that will soon be placed in the committee that our Senator Van Wanggaard chairs. This legislation moves another step closer to mandating that children have an equal relationship with both parents after divorce.

If this bill passes, then both divorcing parents would submit a parenting plan, based on their own individual circumstances. Family Court would then be required by law to choose the one parenting plan that is not only feasible, but also equalizes placement of the children with both parents.

Currently, government agents, social workers, lawyers, and so called “experts” intrude into the lives of law-abiding citizens, make recommendations based on their own biases and personal values, and then a judge or court commissioner typically "rubber-stamps" their recommendations. These agents of the court are allowed to “play God” with the lives of children and parents and choose a winner parent and a loser parent. The loser parent is then ordered to pay child support and these same people for their services or serve time in work release jail.

If this legislation becomes law, it will be the beginning of the end of the bloated family court industry. This industry has no checks and balances, plays God with kids' and parents' lives and has grown way out of control.

Law-abiding parents know what's best for their kids. Please tell Senator Van Wanggaard to pass this important legislation. For more information visit

Malcolm Hatfield



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