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Due to current political regime, I am fortunate enough to be witnessing many wonderful phenomena in our country. Young people are mobilizing themselves and becoming political activists. They are so traumatized by the violence in our schools, they are organizing marches against guns. They are speaking out on social media about their experiences and demanding stricter gun laws. 

People (including me) that were previously ignorant and apathetic about our civil rights and government are becoming involved. We are realizing and appalled that millions of Mexicans and citizens of Central America are risking their lives to enter our country rather than face certain death in their homelands.

I would like to thank the president for my renewed interest in neuroscience. According to the latest research, the life expectancy for white Americans over the last three years has been declining. Neuroscientists believe that because we are constantly bombarded with stress, many Americans are turning to drugs and alcohol, committing suicide and suffering from depression and anxiety.

I would like to personally thank our Celebrity-In-Chief for inadvertently waking our country up.

Marie Haas, Racine

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