Gyllenhaal: Archaic religious hearsay

Gyllenhaal: Archaic religious hearsay

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Mr. Frolich: Am I to assume that you do not believe in climate change? It sounds like you put more credence in archaic religious heresay than to the progress of scientific discovery. You cannot un-gay gays; they are born with that orientation. 

To try to "convert" them when it cannot be done is dangerous. They are often victims of bullying, discrimination, hate crimes (by ignorant people) ... and suicide. 

You can have your own opinion on religion, but not everyone in America is Christian: America was never founded on Christianity — in fact, we broke from England because of religious persecution.

Freedom of religion is also freedom from religion, hence Church and State were meant to be separate. But I'll go back to the Bible. Some things may have been deemed "sinful" simply because the authors and the general public at the time did not have the scientific benefit of knowing what was normal for some people.

What if the Bible asserted that it was an abomination for a man to fly through the air? Would the Wright Brothers be burning in hell? Would we still be walking cross-country? I don't think so.

Science proved that air travel was a manifestation of progressive thinking (and innovation). If that proved to not be an abomination due to scientific realization, can we not accept an entire segment of our present population the same way, knowing what we know today?

The Dark Ages are getting brighter.

Elizabeth Gyllenhaal, Racine


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