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Trump thinks the Iran nuclear deal, brokered along with five other nations besides the US and Iran, is a bad one even though he provides no details to this end. Here's a bad deal: Wisconsin's deal with Foxconn.

Some details: $3 billion dollars for — maybe — 13,000 jobs. Now that's a whole lot of socialism granted here to a foreign corporation with no thanks to temporary Republicans Mason, Barca, and Wirch. All that money to a corporation that put up suicide nets at one of its factories since its working conditions were so abysmal.

There is no holding Foxconn accountable. The state gave them a fast track to the State Supreme Court in case of any legal challenge, with all injunctions suspended so work can continue. Legal experts have already noted these provisions may violate the state and federal constitutions.

State environmental regulations have been lifted on this company that every other successful business in the state of Wisconsin owned by US citizens must adhere to. Apparently, it can reroute and divert waterways and dump chemicals.

No protections or guarantees to the hosting municipality or county to recoup these tax losses, even if the plant goes bust.

There's no guarantee that state or local companies/workers will be used to build or service the plant.

The use of eminent domain to seize and demolish the homes of property owners to make room for Foxconn.

This deal is so sweet for Foxconn, one practically gets tooth decay just reading about it.

Mark Giese

Mount Pleasant


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