Giese: Republicans should support impeachment

Giese: Republicans should support impeachment

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I don't see why the Republicans don't join the Democrats to impeach and convict Trump because then they would have a President Pence. Don't they like him? As for the Democrats, they seem to be able to focus on only one impeachable offense at a time when, for instance, Trump was impeachable from day one over emoluments.

There are 25 proposed articles of impeachment here:

  • Violation of Constitution on Domestic Emoluments
  • Violation of Constitution on Foreign Emoluments
  • Incitement of Violence
  • Interference With Voting Rights
  • Discrimination Based On Religion
  • Illegal War
  • Illegal Threat of Nuclear War
  • Abuse of Pardon Power
  • Obstruction of Justice
  • Politicizing Prosecutions
  • Collusion Against the United States with a Foreign Government
  • Failure to Reasonably Prepare for or Respond to Hurricanes Harvey and Maria
  • Separating Children and Infants from Families
  • Illegally Attempting to Influence an Election
  • Tax Fraud and Public Misrepresentation
  • Assaulting Freedom of the Press
  • Supporting a Coup in Venezuela
  • Unconstitutional Declaration of Emergency
  • Instructing Border Patrol to Violate the Law
  • Refusal to Comply With Subpoenas
  • Declaration of Emergency Without Basis In Order to Violate the Will of Congress
  • Illegal Proliferation of Nuclear Technology
  • Illegally Removing the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty
  • Seeking to Use Foreign Governments' Resources Against Political Rivals
  • Refusal to Comply with Impeachment Inquiry

As for Biden's son, he may have done nothing illegal, but what would Democrats think if Trump managed to pull off a coup in Venezuela and a son of Pence then took a lucrative job there?

Mark Giese, Mount Pleasant


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