Here the UN reports that a million species are in danger of extinction and the Trump administration disastrously weakens the Endangered Species Act.

The Endangered Species Act is one of the world's most effective tools to protect plants and animals from extinction. Without it, we may not have bald eagles in the sky, humpback whales in the sea or gray wolves in the wild. More than any other law, it keeps the plants, fish and wildlife we love from disappearing. That is why it is so critical that it be protected.

Yet it seems since humans have such a problem sharing the planet amongst themselves, it's simply too much ask that they share it with other species. For instance, few note that the border wall will seriously interfere with wildlife movement. Even some flying species will be affected. Just two examples: The Ferruginous Pygmy Owl only flies about six feet in the air and some species of butterflies affected fly no higher than about four feet.

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Some species endangered here in Wisconsin include: rusty-patched bumble bee, the Karner blue butterfly, the whooping crane, as well as threatened plants such as the dwarf lake iris and eastern prairie-fringed orchid.

We unravel the web of life at our own peril. Biodiversity is health. Mass extinction is not. The Endangered Species Act should be strengthened, not weakened, and human birth rates reduced. 

Mark Giese, Racine

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