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I have served the Racine County community as a circuit judge since 2010.

It has been my honor to serve concurrently with Lisa Neubauer’s service as a member of Wisconsin’s Court of Appeals. She has been a beacon of integrity and clarity in applying the rule of law fairly and impartially to specific facts presented in her review of cases.

The Court of Appeals is an error-correcting court and her decisions have brought clarity to the law and have been instructive to circuit court judges when confronted with similar factual situations. In this function, her opinion writing skills are unmatched among her peers.

As a circuit judge, I read every appellate decision rendered in this state by our Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. Although Judge Neubauer has been portrayed as a “liberal,” it is my opinion that such a label is undeserved. A review of her authored decisions or her dissents to majority opinions reveals no such leanings or cause for such labeling.

She has equally protected the interests of individuals and those of corporations throughout her legal career. She will be a welcomed voice of independence, and her intellectual acumen will help restore our Supreme Court to its former nationally recognized position in the United States.

I urge all to join me in voting for Lisa Neubauer for Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Hon. Eugene A. Gasiorkiewicz

Racine Circuit Court Branch 2

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