A little thought about Monument Square. How about moving it? Now that would be thinking outside of the box, wouldn't it? Something that normally doesn't happen around here. How about moving it to the former Porter's Furniture location? What a perfect location!

Here are a few reasons why: If we don't do something like this, that block will sit empty for many years, we all know that. Secondly, It makes perfect sense! Tons of room for more of a park atmosphere — stage, food truck area — carve in a lane on the south side of the block, benches, etc. Thirdly, and most importantly, let's make it a true monument square! Move the existing monument from Main St. to that site, and then add more monuments!

Captain Knapp — founded Racine; JI Case, Dr. James Carhart — invented the first car; SC Johnson — you know why; Frank Lloyd Wright; Joshua Glover — underground railroad; William Horlick — malted milk; P H Batton — Twin Disc; John Hammes — InSinkErator; Aurthur Modine — Modine Manufacturing; Jay Eye See — first world record holding horse; Louis Hamilton — Hamilton Beach. You get the picture.

We have an enormous, rich history in Racine! Let's celebrate it with a true Monument Square! Now's the perfect time! Then you could have all kinds of additional parking spaces at the current square.

Mark Galica


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